The Russian Club welcomes you!

From year to year the Russian Program students have made the Russian Club a success and helped out at various events. The Russian Club was given the Contribution to Campus Life Award for all the activities held throughout the last few years.

Activities undertaken by the Russian Club include:

  • volunteering at numerous outreach and cultural activities

  • translating for various campus departments and events

  • serving as a liaison between the administration, the professors, and the students

  • working to make the Russian Program thrive

  • hosting Russian film evenings, dances, and numerous other social events.

Last year the European Film Series was a great success. We hope "alliances" such as that with the French Club can be forged in the future to create other enriching events not limited to strictly Russian culture.

If you are interested in running the club or simply dancing and chatting, please come and have fun.

For more information, contact TBA Peer Advisor, via e-mail at: 

FIND US ON FACEBOOK: UC Davis Russian Cultural Association