Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Courses


RUS 001 Elementary Russian
Liliana Avramenko

RUS 004 Intermediate Russian
Jekaterina Galmant

Russian 4 is designed as a continuation of Russian 3 and promotes pronunciation and grammar, as well as the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, with an emphasis on communicative skills, through compelling conversation topics, creative presentations and engaging discussions.  The course integrates new vocabulary and syntax into previously acquired language. The purpose of the course is facilitate a maximum exposure to the language and culture and to give the student the opportunity to use Russian as much as possible. 

Prerequisite: Russian 003 or Language Placement Test

Textbooks: instructor-created handouts, no required materials for purchase

Office hours: Tu/Th 12-1PM via Zoom

RUS 004 Intermediate Russian flyer


RUS 101A Advanced Russian
Liliana Avramenko

RUS 103 Literary Translation
Victoria Juharyan

RUS 126 The Russian Theater
Victoria Juharyan