Useful Links

This page contains links to various web sites which have proven to be interesting, useful, perhaps even invaluable. Each link is followed by a brief description, comment, or suggestion.

Link Collections and Search Engines Sher's Russian Index - by far the largest collection of well-organized links. Rambler - one of the best Russian search engines. Yandex - another one of the best Russian search engines.

Language Links

A portal leading to many valuable dictionaries and other reference works. On the upper right corner of the home page, it is easy to look up a word in ten or more dictionaries. Live Language, provided by the publisher. New words and word usage. Also explanations.

Provides a word's morphology and accent.

Paul Gorodyansky's helpful site with instructions for using Cyrillic on computers.

Matvey Palchuk's site to help you Russify a Macintosh computer.

Literature, Culture, People - a huge archive of downloadable music files; Vysotsky, Okudzhava, Galich, many, many more. Texts by Russian and Soviet authors. With vocabulary assistance.
Eisenstein Site from Carleton College devoted to the film director Sergei Eisenstein. From the Ends to the Beginning: A Bilingual Anthology of Russian Verse. - portal to the Russian Union of Cinematographers. Film Encyclopedia. Reference material about Russian and world film. - Electronic Library of Classical Literature; poetry and prose with popularity ratings. - Maksim Moshkow's library of Russian literature in digital form. Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Sviatoslav Richter, great Soviet pianist. Ruscico - Russian Cinema Council. Keeps track of the remastering and publication of classics of Russian cinema. Russian Literature and Folklore. A great site. SovLit - Soviet Literature: Texts, Bibliography, Research. Prof. Galushkin in Moscow.

News, Politics, Current Events - A popular news site. - Latest news from the Rambler Media Group. - breaking news as it unfolds. - official information site of the Russian government. - news, lots of video and photos. Simplified Russian Webcasts, a project of the National Capital Language Resource Center. Webcasts of previous week's news, with exercises.

Publications Questions of Literature. Weekly illustrated magazine. Toronto Slavic Quarterly

TA Resources

TA/AI Description of Duties

TA/AI Description of Duties for RUS 1-6.

TA/AI Absence Report

TA/AI Absence Report

TA/AI Substitution Form

TA/AI Substitution Form

Curiosities - for Russian Tolkien devotees. Chat rooms, discussions, links.