Winter 2021

Russian Expanded Course Descriptions

Winter 2021 - Remote Instruction

All Winter 2021 courses in the Russian Department will be held REMOTELY (online).

Language Courses

RUS 2: Elementary Russian
RUS 5: Intermediate Russian

Undergraduate Courses

RUS 101B Advanced Russian
Liliana Avramenko

See catalog for course description.

RUS 103 Literary Translation
Olga Stuchebrukhov

Practice and theory of literary translation. Translation of literary texts from Russian into English.  Learning the techniques of poetry, prose, and drama translation. Discussing the issues of language and culture, types of translation, problems of equivalence, untranslatability, etc. Translations include both classic and contemporary authors. In English and Russian; great course for developing bilingual skills. This course fulfills post-RUS101 major language requirements. Prerequisite 101C or the consent of the instructor.

RUS 120 Russian Fairy Tales
Olga Stuchebrukhov

GE credit: AH, OL, WC, WE

This course will explore Russian folk beliefs and fairy tales in light of various critical approaches, such as Folkloristic, Structuralist, Feminist, Marxist, Psychoanalytical,  and others. We will learn to analyze and to write fairy tales, keeping in mind their generic structure and meaning. The course is taught in English. No prerequisite. May be repeated up to one time.